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  • Dengie Hall, Witham, Essex

    Terms & Conditions

    1. The person signing the form of application for the hiring shall be deemed to be the hirer and such person shall be responsible both personally and as an agent, for any organisation whom he represents for the payment of charges in respect of the hiring and for the observance and performance in all respects of the condition and stipulations herein contained and on the hirer to be observed and performed and in respect thereof the hirer and such organisation shall be jointly and severally liable.

    2. AGL Care Ltd, trading as Hire A Hall herein after referred to as “The Company” reserve the right to cancel or refuse the hiring on all of the dates so hired or applied for , such cancellations or refusals normally being for the following purposes:
    (a). If the hall be required for use in any national emergency or for any purpose considered by the company to be of major importance and this will be deemed to apply to elections or
    (b). If the company are of the opinion that the hiring would not be in the public interest or because of disorderly conduct at a previous hiring. In such cases the company shall give the hirer notice thereof as early as possible in the prevailing circumstances and the company shall not be held responsible for any loss occasioned to the hirer in the consequence thereof. In the event of cancellation by the company any sum paid by the hirer will normally be refunded unless appropriated towards meeting any damages or other expenses incurred by the company. The company may also cancel a booking without notice if the full amount of the hiring charge has not been paid at least a month before the hiring date.

    3. Hirers will be allowed to cancel or postpone a booking on the condition that, 14 or more days’ notice is given, half fees will be payable and if less than 14 days’ notice, full fees will be payable unless, in either case, the hall or room is rebooked or it is otherwise decided. This can be waived at the discretion of the Halls Manager in respect of regular weekly hires.

    4. No alcoholic liquor shall be supplied or consumed in contravention of any of the licensing laws and when requisite an appropriate licence shall be obtained and any conditions attached thereof complied with.

    5. The hirer will indemnify the Company in respect of:
    (a). All damage (which expression includes damage, loss or destruction to their buildings occurring during the period of hire including the whole of any building notwithstanding the hiring may be of part only and damage, loss or destruction to the contents of such building including fittings, furnishings and furniture) howsoever or by whomsoever caused
    (b). All claims (which expression includes all actions, claims and demands relating to or arising directly or indirectly as a results of or in consequence of the hiring hereby granted). Provided that: a) The hirer shall not be liable in respect of damage or claims arising wholly by reason of:
    i) Fire, lightning or explosion not attributable to the act of any person
    ii) The negligence of any servant of agent of the Company or
    iii) Any defects in the building hired or the company’s property therein of which the hirer was not aware and could not reasonably have been aware.

    6. The hirer shall be liable in respect of the acts of himself or any member, servant or agent of the club, society, company or organisations for whom the hirer acts or for whose benefit the hiring is made (such member, servant or agent being hereinafter referred to as ‘a member of the hirers organisation’)

    7. The hirer shall not infringe any existing copyright or performing right and shall indemnify the company against all sums of money which the Company may have to pay by reason of any infringement or copyright or performing right occurring during the period of hire. (The Company has executed arrangements for performing right licences, but this does not apply to the playing of gramophone records, the playing of which are prohibited unless the hirer has first obtained the necessary licence from Phonographic Performance Limited).

    The premises hired shall not be used for cinematograph exhibitions, public dancing, signing, music or other public entertainment of the like kind, boxing, wrestling, or the public performance of plays for which a licence for the premises is required to be granted, unless such a licence has been so granted.

    In the case of such hiring’s where such licences have been granted, the hirer shall observe and perform all the rules and regulations current at the time and contained in the licences granted in respect of the hirer. A copy of such rules and regulations is open to inspection at the offices of the Company or the place of hire prior to the signing hereof and the hirer is hereby deemed to have full knowledge thereof.

    8. The Company reserve unto themselves and their duty authorised officials the right to enter the premises at all times

    9. No nails, screws etc shall be driven into, or adhesives fixed to any of the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or fittings during the period of hire unless so authorised by the Company’s employee in attendance. Any alteration or addition to the electrical lighting system is strictly forbidden except with approval of the Company’s officer which may be given subject to the conditions which the hirer shall be required to observe. Furthermore, any such work, including the fixing of lighting or spot lights shall be carried out by a competent person.

    10. The hirer shall vacate the premises at the time stipulated and shall leave the premises, fixtures, furniture, crockery and other property therein, in a reasonably clean and tidy condition. The hirer shall ensure that the caterer, contractors, or other supplying or serving refreshments or supplying decorations etc move from the premises all their articles and property by arrangement with the Company’s employee in attendance.

    11. Any article or property belonging to the hirer or any caterer or contractor or other person left on the premises after the hiring may be removed by the Company and the cost shall be paid by the hirer. The Company will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to the property left at the premises.

    12. All fire and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to by the hirer who shall in no way interfere with fire appliances except in the case of emergencies. The hirer or a member of the hirer’s organisation shall carry out an examination of the premises for smouldering matches, tobacco and other materials at the close of each function.

    13. The hirer must contact the person in charge at least one day in advance of the function to state any special arrangements with regard to seating, use of stage curtains, decorations, licensed bar etc.

    14. The hirer, at public dances and similar functions open to the public, must appoint a responsible person to whom the Council’s employee can refer in case of a need. A minimum of six stewards shall be in attendance at public dances and similar public functions.

    15. The hirer shall, at all times in respect of this hiring, comply with any legislation or regulations made there under.

    16. The charges for hiring of halls may be obtained at the offices of the Company and are those which are applicable at the time of booking, but the Company reserve the right to vary such charges from time to time on giving the hirer as much notice as possible of such revised charges and the hirer shall on demand pay the difference or be permitted to cancel the booking.

    17. In the event that supplies of electricity, gas or water to the building are disrupted through no fault of the council:
    (a). The full hiring fee remains payable
    (b). The Company shall not be liable for any claim, compensation or cost incurred by the hirer or any other person.

    18. If the Caretaker or Company’s agent / official is required to attend the Hall for any reason that is NOT the company’s fault, there will be a minimum call out charge of £25 plus £25 per every half hour of attendance.

    19. Emergency calls. The Hall is not equipped with a landline telephone and the hirer will ensure that a working mobile Telephone is available throughout the hiring period to call the emergency services. EG Fire, Ambulance and Police.

    20. Lateness. The caretaker will wait for the Hirer for a maximum of 10 minutes after the start of the booking time after which the Hall will be locked. An extra charge of £25 will be payable by Hirer in the event that the caretaker has to return to open up.

    21. The Hirer will tidy the hall, clear any rubbish and put all chairs and tables back, unless prior arrangement to do otherwise has been agreed with Halls Manager / caretaker.